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Choosing Jewellery That Suits Your Skin Tone

It’s no longer a fashion faux pas to mix metals, but some do bring out the best in your eye, skin and hair colour more than others. This post explains how different metals flatter different skin tones and will help you to find more pieces of jewellery that you feel confident wearing.

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A Gold Standard: Our Guide to Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery, with its luxurious appeal and warming tones, is making a big comeback and is perfect for summer. Yet there are many types of gold used in jewellery and we often get asked about the differences between solid, filled and plated gold jewellery. So we created this short guide to help explain these differences and what each term means.

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Layering Your Jewellery Like A Pro

You can get way more out of your jewellery collection if you know how to layer your pieces. Whether you want to figure out what types of bracelets to stack or learn how to wear a bunch of necklaces without getting in a tangle, here are some tips and tricks you need to know.

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