5 Minutes With Becky

Becky Everett is the creative force behind Becky’s Jewellery Boutique. Born from her ambition to empower and celebrate women, Becky pours her heart and soul into this growing British handmade jewellery brand.

In this post, Becky answers your questions and talks about what inspires her, how she styles her favourite pieces, and what jewellery means to her.

Credit: Alison Gaudion Photography

What inspired you to start Becky’s Jewellery Boutique?

I started Becky’s Boutique because I saw that the jewellery industry was built for men gifting women – and not women celebrating themselves. At Becky’s Boutique, we’re all about supporting and empowering women to invest in themselves, and in turn, others around them.

My goal is to leave a positive mark on my community and the environment, while creating pieces that allow my customers to express themselves how they want to.

Where did you learn to make jewellery?

I am mostly self-taught and have been making jewellery for around 10 years. I learnt from reading silversmithing books, watching YouTube videos and tutorials, and lots of trial and error! I honed my skills and invested in the necessary tools and equipment over the years but always suffered from imposter syndrome. So I chose to invest in myself, gaining a formal qualification, the confidence I needed to believe in myself as a qualified jeweller, and a supportive network and community of jewellers to lean on.

What is your everyday go-to piece of jewellery?

My favourite part of my morning routine is opening my jewellery box and picking out the pieces I want to wear that day. I always wear my Figaro Chain Bracelet from the Capsule Collection (it goes with everything!) and I love my rings, so most of my fingers have at least one stacking ring on from our collections! I also can’t leave the house without at least one statement ring – usually the Halo Ring or Wide Hammered Ring.

What is your favourite piece of handmade jewellery for special occasions?

Jewellery is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. If I’m going to a formal event, I usually choose a timeless piece such as my Rose Necklace or Rose Bracelet. If I’m going to the pub with friends or out for a meal, I love to wear a statement pair of earrings – like my Chunky Maxi Hoops – and a few extra rings (did I mention they’re my favourite?!)

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Living on the South Devon coast makes me want to spend more time outdoors and in nature – and this is a big influence in my life and my jewellery designs. I find the sound of the waves very soothing, so whenever I get stuck trying to solve a problem or need to clear a creative block, taking a walk on the beach with my husband and my dog helps to clear my mind and reduce my stress levels.

Is there a female that inspires you?

There isn’t really one person that I would say stands out for me. Rather than celebrating just one woman, I’m more passionate about empowering women to encourage, support and inspire each other to be the best that we can be, whatever we choose for ourselves.

What does jewellery mean to you?

For me it’s a little reminder. I look down and remember the design process and why I decided to launch it. It’s a little journey. I also have other pieces of jewellery that I have bought from around the world that remind me of a particular adventure and pieces that have been given to me over the years that remind me of a particular person.


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