What To Wear To A Wedding

So you’re going to a wedding. You’ve got the invitation and your outfit. What’s next?

The jewellery of course.

Dressing for a wedding can seem a bit complicated but your jewellery can do a lot of the hard work, no matter how elusive those unwritten dress code rules might be.

Wearing jewellery with different textures and weights is a great way to make a statement. Have a go at mixing and matching rings, necklaces and earrings to finish your look. There are no real rules, but keep in mind that it’s about getting the proportions right.

Try taking off all your everyday pieces and then put on the jewellery you have specifically picked for the occasion. From there, put on the first piece you gravitate towards. Repeat the process and remember to keep it simple. If you hesitate, that piece can wait. Remember, just because an event is formal, doesn’t mean your personal jewellery doesn’t meet the dress code.

If you’re going to pile on your jewellery, that’s a more is more situation. Don’t hold back, layer it up so long as your outfit is uncomplicated. Otherwise, keep it simple with a delicate chain and match it with simple earrings.


Here are the pieces you need to make it on the best-dressed list and wear long after the champagne toast.

  • Rose Stud Earrings – Rose Gold Plated or Filled

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  • Midi Hammered Bangle – Silver

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  • Rose Drop Earrings – Silver

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  • Satellite Beaded Necklace

    Satellite Beaded Necklace – Silver

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