A Guide to Personalisation

Personalised jewellery makes the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one, a special memento for a best friend, and a fabulous treat for yourself. We use different personalisation techniques to make these pieces personal to you, from hand-stamping and machine engraving that our highly skilled creative team use to carefully add your initials, names, and messages to your orders.

In this post we’ll fill you in on all you need to know about how Becky’s Boutique personalises your purchases, including the types of personalisations we offer, the process that goes into each and a handy FAQ section on your most asked personalisation questions.

Hand Stamped Personalisation

Hand stamping is a popular personalisation style that can be used in a variety of ways. This method uses metal stamps (also known as punches) and a hammer to create a struck mark in the metal.

We put an incredible amount of effort and care into stamping your wording onto jewellery, giving your pieces that unique and personal look that only comes with hand-stamping.

The hand stamping method uses metal stamps (also known as punches) and a hammer to create a struck mark in the metal to create a special personalised piece of jewellery.

We use a set of 3 mm uppercase letter and number stamps for all hand stamped personalisations as they look neater and are easier to read. Each character is individually stamped by hand so they may not be perfectly aligned and there may be variations in depth and spacing but this is part of the piece’s unique charm.

Diamond Engraved Personalisation

For more precision and detail, our engraving machine delivers a perfectly finished personalisation. With this method, upper case, lower case, and punctuation can be easily engraved onto jewellery by our amazing engraving team.

Our engraving machine delivers a perfectly finished personalisation for your jewellery.

First, we will add your name, message, etc. on the engraving machine’s computer. We will line the text up and make sure all the measurements are exactly right before fitting the item to be personalised in the machine using clamps or rubber vices – then we step back and let the machine do its thing!

What's the difference?

It can get a little confusing when it comes to the differences between what a hand stamped personalisation and an engraved personalisation looks like so here is an example:

The difference between hand stamped and engraved jewellery

Personalisation Suggestions

Having trouble thinking of the perfect personalisation? Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Special dates for anniversaries – whether it’s the date of your first kiss, the day you moved in together, or the day you got married, an important date is a fantastic personalisation for all kinds of anniversaries.
  • Initials for yourself – who doesn’t love showing off their initial? It’s the best of the alphabet, after all! Get yourself a necklace with your initial hand-stamped onto the pendant.
  • Names for your besties – add a charm carefully hand-stamped with yours and your best friend’s name or initials will make a gift they’ll never forget.
  • Messages for capturing memories and declaring love – from quotes to words of love, you can have your messages personalised. Try a meaningful lyric for the love of your life, or a special affirmation for your little sister or best friend.
  • Special birthdays & milestones – mark the occasion with a special personalisation they’ll treasure forever.
  • Special achievements or awards – congratulate someone for their achievements and motivate them to follow their dreams.
  • Coordinates – whether it’s where you got married, the place they were born, or the location of your first date, immortalise a special place with latitude and longitude co-ordinates.
  • Symbols & talismans – from popular zodiac signs to special emblems, choose a meaningful token for your loved ones. Even better, have two identical symbol pieces created – one for you to keep and one to gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How strict are the character limits? Can I add one or two extra letters?”

The character limits are not set in stone but are there as a guideline. Adding extra characters for items that are engraved will result in the text size being reduced, while adding extra characters for items that are hand stamped may result in your letters being stamped closer together. If purchasing a disc necklace, consider adding the extra letters to additional discs. If unsure, please contact us before you purchase.

“Can you engrave and hand stamp in languages other than English, like Greek or Chinese?”

If we can look up your language or special characters of choice online, then we can engrave it onto your product. We will always confirm this with you via email before engraving to make sure you’re happy with it. Hand stamping is unfortunately limited to the English alphabet. For totally accurate language personalisation, we advise you choose engraving.

“It looks like hand stamping only comes in capital letters. How do I enter it into the personalisation box?”

Don’t worry about making sure your wording is capitalised! Hand stamped jewellery only comes in upper case, so regardless of what you type it will be stamped in upper case letters. Make sure to check the personalisation guidelines on the listing before entering your text.

“Can you hand stamp symbols?”

Yes! These are the punctuation and symbols we’re able to stamp: ! ? & ( ) , # (we can also stamp a heart outline and a star outline).

“The back of my stamped charm has some marks on it. Why is this?”

It takes a little bit of force to get the letters clearly stamped onto the surface. Because of this, sometimes marks appear on the other side of the charm. We do our best to remove any marks, but unfortunately, we cannot go any lighter with our stamping. We think the slight marks add even more of a handmade feel!

“My engraving was very small. Can you do it any larger?”

Due to the size of our vices that hold the jewellery in place in our machines, the engraved lettering is usually smaller than the width of the item and can sometimes be pretty small. Sadly there’s nothing we can do about this. If you would like a big personalisation, we suggest taking a look at our products with larger surface areas to engrave.

“Can I get one of your existing personalised phrases altered a little?”

Absolutely! Contact us and we will try our best to give you the personalisation you’re looking for.