A Gold Standard: Our Guide to Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery has made a big comeback and with its luxurious appeal and warming tones, this trend is sure to continue. The many myths and legends that surround the allure of gold throughout history demonstrate a united truth – a continued collective fascination with this precious metal.

Gold can be found in a variety of colours, the most popular being yellow, rose and white gold which are made using a mixture of pure gold with different alloys like copper and zinc.

The colour and value of yellow gold is largely determined by the proportion of pure gold to other metal alloys – commonly described as the carat. For example, there is a marked difference between pure 24 carat gold with its strong yellow colour and higher price tag, and 9 carat gold which only contains 37.5% pure gold.

Gold Purity Chart. Source: Malabar Diamonds & Gold

The proportion of alloy versus pure gold also determines the durability of the gold. So, the lower the carat, the more durable the piece. 24 carat gold is considered too soft for use as jewellery, particularly everyday items such as wedding bands.

Gold Filled Jewellery

At Becky’s Boutique, some of our gold jewellery collections are made from 14 carat gold filled metal which is an excellent alternative to solid gold, offering gold’s characteristic warm yellow or blushing rose tones at a fraction of the price.

Gold filled jewellery, also known as bonded or rolled gold, is also more durable and retains more value than gold plated pieces. This is because it has an actual layer of carat gold (heat and pressure bonded to a base metal), rather than a microscopic film as is the case with cheap gold plated pieces.

Also, if you have a metal allergy, this is the gold for you. The layer of gold means that this type of jewellery won’t react with the skin. 

These properties make gold filled jewellery the perfect choice for meaningful gifts that are meant to last and be worn on a daily basis.

Gold Vermeil Jewellery

Pronounced “ver – may” and not to be confused with regular gold plating, gold vermeil is a much thicker layer of gold over a solid sterling silver base which gives the pieces their long-lasting colour. The thickness of the gold (a minimum of 2.5 microns) is what really sets vermeil jewellery apart from other gold plated pieces and makes it last longer and more hard wearing. At Becky’s Boutique, we offer some of our products in 18 and 24 carat gold vermeil to bring you high quality gold jewellery without the high price tag. 

Feeling Inspired?

Whether you prefer gold over silver or are looking for the perfect accessory for an evening dress, take a look at our gold jewellery and rose gold jewellery pieces. 


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