Everything You Need To Know About Diamonds

A diamond is one of the most special fine jewellery investments you will ever make—and will likely be the cornerstone of your collection. No matter how big or small, no piece is the same, so it’s important to know what to look for when you’re choosing diamond jewellery.

Whether you’re buying your first diamond, gifting someone or looking to mark a milestone, here is our crystal clear deep dive into everything diamonds: how to buy them and how to care for them.

Start With The Source: Natural vs Lab Grown

Diamond mining has long been a topic of controversy. The truth is mining is always going to happen, what matters is that it is done with the lowest social and environmental impact. Responsible mining means improving lives, strengthening communities, protecting wildlife, and respecting the environment in which the mine operates. Look to support the industry in the right way; we use certified organisations who supply conflict-free natural diamonds.

Moissanite is a lab-grown silicon carbide stone and is a perfect alternative to conventional mined diamonds as they have more fire than a diamond and are more durable than many other popular gemstones including cubic zirconia. Our moissanites are also classified based on the same international grading scale as diamonds.

Understanding The 4Cs

Once you’ve decided on diamond or moissanite, it’s now time to work out how to get the most value for your money.

The 4Cs is the GIA international grading system that evaluates the quality of a diamond’s colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Here we break it down.

Colour: Diamonds are graded on their colour based on a standardised system that runs from D (colourless) to (Z) saturated. The less colour a diamond has, the clearer and more brilliantly it shines – but don’t get too hung up on a diamond being completely colourless as these are extremely rare.

Our diamonds are graded as G-H which is around the middle of the “near colourless” range. Our moissanites are graded D which is “colourless”.

Clarity: The number, size and placement of blemishes (or “inclusions”) in a diamond is measured by their clarity. These can be microscopic and invisible to the naked eye – and it’s important to remember that no diamond is perfect as they are created by nature – so this shouldn’t always be seen as a fault.

Clarity also has a grading scale and at Becky’s Boutique, our ethically sourced diamonds are SI clarity, meaning they have no blemishes or inclusions apparent to the naked eye. The clarity of our moissanites is VVS, meaning any inclusions are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10x magnification.

Cut: Less about shape and more about the proportion, a cut refers to the arrangement of diamond facets. This is to mark the quality of craftsmanship and the amount of brilliance, sparkle, and fire in a diamond. Our diamonds have a brilliant cut for maximum sparkle.

Carat: This refers to the weight of the diamond. The assumption is that the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone, but diamonds of varying weight are priced based on the quality and level of craftsmanship (a combination of the three other Cs) instead of just their weight.

How To Choose A Diamond

From talismans to symbols of love, diamonds convey many meanings. Each one is individual to the person buying or wearing the diamond—whether you’re gifting one or investing in one for yourself.

Buying a diamond is largely a visual process. The combination of diamonds that excites you the most, is the right one for you. It might sound superstitious, but a diamond often chooses you, so trust your own judgement.

How To Care For Diamonds

Consider “care” the fifth C, if you will. Like all jewellery, it’s important to treat diamonds with care.

To clean your diamonds at home, use warm water, detergent-free soap and a soft-bristled brush (like a baby’s toothbrush), rinsing the stone and setting afterward to ensure there is no residue.

Always store your diamonds in a safe, dry place when not being worn, laying diamond necklaces and bracelets flat to keep them in the best condition.


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