Meet Your New Favourite Candles

Introducing our NEW mindful luxury candles to help you with finding balance, boosting positivity and building inner strength, in a sometimes chaotic world.

Fill your room with beautiful, wellbeing-boosting aromas, scents and fragrances. Hand-poured in Devon, England using high-quality mineral wax, these candles will gently perfume your room and lift your mood.

Expertly blended with the highest quality natural essential oils, Becky has hand-picked six fragrances to stimulate your senses:

Black Fig & Vetiver: Fill your senses with the seductive scent of summer. Sun-ripened fig is fused with the deep, earthy fragrance of vetiver and the fruity middle notes of cassis, raisin, and peach to create a juicy, indulgent and sun-warmed Mediterranean mood.

Orange & Bergamot: Uplift your mood and inspire your senses with a slice of juicy orange with a dash of sweet, spicy bergamot. Undertones of rose water, gardenia, clove and cedarwood with a drop of spearmint essential oil combine to create this luxurious and sensual fragrance.

Cappuccino: Decadent, smooth, and velvety like a stylish, continental café. Rich roasted coffee bean is blended with the scent of warm, sugary caramel and softened with the base note of creamy vanilla.

Sweet Vanilla: An old favourite with an irresistible twist. Rich, creamy, buttery vanilla is laced with coconut, the middle note of heliotrope blooms, the spicy base note of tonka and essential oil of cedarwood. The overall effect is warm, cocooning and comforting.

Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood: Feel empowered with this woody scented candle with delicate floral notes which allow the aromatic to bloom fully into life. Formulated with delicate Ylang Ylang known for its uplifting effect, harmonising Cedarwood and restoring Geranium.

Limited Edition: Strong and seductive. The top note of melon meets spicy, nutty cardamom, woody papyrus, and earthy lily of the valley, while notes of leather, cedarwood and tea tree oil collide to create an uplifting, relaxing and transformative fragrance.

  • Luxury Candle – Sweet Vanilla

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  • Luxury Candle – Black Fig & Vetiver

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  • Luxury Candle – Cappuccino

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  • Luxury Candle – Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood

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  • Luxury Candle – Orange & Bergamot

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  • Luxury Votive Candle – Limited Edition

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Each candle is handcrafted with the highest quality natural wax and come in an amazing glass-based vessel which is smooth, weighty and reusable, adding that personal and sustainable touch we love so much.

After burning your candle bright it’s ready to be used as a desk tidy, vase or toothbrush holder! Simply wash with hot soapy water to remove any residual wax and labels.

How to care for your candle

Caring for your candle is important, so here are a few easy steps to follow to ensure your candles burn bright and right for you.

  • For the first burn, light for 3-4 hours
  • Keep the wicks trimmed to 6mm for the perfect flame
  • When the wax gets to 10mm high, that’s when it’s time to say goodbye

Ready to add to your basket? We thought so, there’s nothing better than a cosy day or night, with your go-to drink in hand and your favourite candle lit.


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