So, you’ve spent ages searching online and after looking at many different rings, you finally decided on the perfect one – hoorah! It’s time to buy that little beauty because you can’t wait to wear it (or perhaps gift it to a friend) but then you realise that you have absolutely no idea what your ring size is – aargh!

Ring sizing can be tricky. We would always recommend getting your ring sized in person at a local jeweller, but we know that it’s not always easy to find the time to pop into town to get measured and it’s even harder to secretly find out someone else’s size.

But don’t worry. We are here to help. We’ve created this simple and easy-to-follow guide to help you work out your ring size.


Before measuring your finger, here’s a few things you should consider… 


  • If you measure your finger and find that your size is in between two different sizes, you should pick the larger size.
  • Measure your ring size at the end of the day when fingers are at their largest.
  • Consider the width of the band, a particularly thick band will feel tighter than a thin band so you may want to buy a full size larger than your normal ring size. 
  • Ensure that your ring sizer fits comfortably, snug enough so that so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.
  • It is normal for your fingers on each hand to be different sizes!
  • If you want to wear a ring as a midi ring, the general rule is that midi ring is 2-4 sizes smaller than the size of that finger. However, we always recommend measuring your finger to be sure.  


  • Do not measure your hands when they are cold, they may have shrunk up to half a size. 
  • Alcohol and salt can make your fingers swell so refrain from measuring your ring size after any champagne and canapé filled evenings.

In the UK, ring size is measured alphabetically and in the US, ring size is measured numerically.


There are two ways to measure your ring finger size: 

1. Order a ring sizer: Purchase a reusable ring sizer to quickly and easily find your UK ring size.

2. Visit your local jewellers: We would always recommend getting your ring sized in person at a local jeweller.


How to measure the Inside Diameter of your ring:

  • Select one of your rings that properly fits the intended finger. 
  • Measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring. 
  • Tell us the measurement when you order your ring. If the diameter falls between 2 sizes, we will make the ring in the larger size.

If you already know your ring size in a US or European size, then please see the above Ring Sizing Chart to see what this would equate to in a UK size.  

As we are based in the UK, we are unable to send a complimentary Ring Sizer internationally. You may purchase a UK Ring Sizer from us, or we can recommend purchasing this International Ring Sizer which is manufactured in the USA. 


The best and easiest way to find out someone else’s ring size is to borrow one of their rings, making sure it is from the correct finger, and measure the inside diameter. Then look it up against the Ring Sizing Chart. We recommend using a plain band for this measurement.  

If this isn’t possible, you could try talking to their friends and family who may know their ring size or sneakily find out for you! Or, you could try telling them it’s a gift for someone else who has a similar finger size as them. 

If that fails, rings made from sterling silver with no stones or all around patterns may be resized for a nominal fee. If unsure, please contact us before you buy!


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