Embrace the romantic nature of the Rose, with our interpretation of this classic English flower in our signature collection. Inspired by its beautiful and feminine nature, the Rose is an iconic, timeless symbol of love, promise, hope and new beginnings.

Rose Jewellery

Our classic and beautiful Rose collection features a contemporary interpretation of this national English flower and has been inspired by the flower’s beautiful and charming nature. The rose is an iconic, timeless symbol to wear all year round.

Roses, in their many forms and variations, are a well-known symbol of love, romance and passion, and also represent purity, friendship, and grace depending on their colour. However, retrospectively, in Roman times and the Middle Ages, the rose was used in meeting rooms and halls to depict secrecy and confidentiality. Reflecting aspects of love and friendship, it is no wonder that this timeless, feminine flower pops up so much throughout history and across cultures. Our signature Rose collection offers a range of delicate handcrafted jewellery that can be worn effortlessly on its own, as a reminder of the beauty of Mother Nature, or together, as a pretty, layered look, since roses often bloom and blossom in abundance together. Like the rose, the nature of the design means that each piece of Rose jewellery will be unique to you.

As our best-selling collection, the Rose collection includes pieces crafted by hand with 925 Sterling Silver and 14k gold filled, featuring pretty motifs of roses. Designed exclusively by Becky’s Boutique, our Rose jewellery is of the finest quality and designed to last a lifetime.