The Art of Layering: A Guide to Necklace Lengths

At Becky’s Boutique, we can’t get enough of the layered necklace trend … and thankfully, it’s not going away any time soon. Necklaces are one of our favourite ways to make a statement with our jewellery; simple additions and combinations can make all the difference in putting together different looks.

Start with a hero piece

Whether you’re going simple with one necklace or layering a few up to make a statement, the Chain Necklace will be the hero of your look. This investment piece will help you elevate rollnecks and T-shirts or add a cooler edge to dresses and tailoring and shouldn’t be missing from your jewellery box.

Spacing is key

Each piece should complement the next one, not look cluttered or get twisted amongst each other. For example, try adding necklaces of different lengths to create a balanced look. Start with your shortest chain first, and then layer by working down to your longest.

Consider your neckline

When layering necklaces, the simpler and less fussy the neckline, the more decorative you can be. Generally, wearing more neutral and plain colours when layering is best. The greater the contrast, the more impact your jewellery will have.

Understanding chain lengths

These are the necklace chain lengths that we offer at Becky’s Boutique and what they are useful for:

14 inches

This length is flirty as it sits right on the collar bone and accentuates the neck.

16 inches

This is the perfect everyday length with or without a pendant embellishment.

18 inches

The perfect layer on all body types. At this length, your chain will just graze the top of your décolletage.

24 inches

Your boldest and most versatile layer! We love to wear our longer chains over a sweater during the winter or dropped into a summer dress as a peek-a-boo chain.

Note that they may sit at slightly different levels depending on your own proportions.

Your jewellery, your way

The Satellite Beaded Chain Necklace and Figaro Chain Necklace come with adjustable chain lengths for more versatility.

If you want to breathe new life into an existing necklace or ensure a more comfortable fit, our separate necklace Extender Chains are an easy fix for adding a little extra length to your jewellery.


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