Let’s talk jewellery. We sat down with our models from the Capsule Collection shoot, Fay Charlton, Eleanor Barkes, and Rosie Mason, to discuss their jewellery wardrobe, our brand new collection and the photoshoot…

Our brand new collection is inspired by the notion of a capsule wardrobe. What does your current jewellery collection comprise of?

ROSIE: My current jewellery collection comprises of my engagement ring and another ring that I wear daily, I have a set of bangles and lots of ‘statement’ style earrings. I also have my set of everyday earrings for my multiple ear piercings.

ELEANOR: I’ve always had a very minimal jewellery collection, but mostly I like to accessorise with earrings. I very recently started wearing one of the necklaces from your new Capsule Collection.

How often do you wear jewellery?

FAY: I wear jewellery every day. I never the leave the house without it. It’s always the finishing touch to an outfit.

ROSIE: I have items I wear daily – my everyday earrings for the top of my ear and my lobes, my engagement ring and Pandora ring. I also then have items that I wear on the weekend when I’m not at work – that’s where my bangles, necklaces and statement earrings come into play! I also have the Becky’s Jewellery Boutique Daisy Chain Ring that I love wearing on my thumb.

What do you like about our jewellery brand?

ELEANOR: I love the fact that all of your jewellery is made by hand which means that no one will ever have the exact same piece. I love the individuality of it.

ROSIE: I love the delicate look of your jewellery; all the pieces are perfect for everyday wear but they also do an amazing job at making an outfit more special. I love how effortless they are!

FAY: I love that your jewellery is minimal enough that you can layer it up. It’s also great quality and the pieces are timeless.

The quality of your pieces are amazing! I feel like there is something for everyone on your website which I love. Thank you for letting me model your pieces.

What was your favourite look from the shoot?

ROSIE: The whole day was so relaxed. It was lovely to meet you and see your passion for your creations – and I absolutely adored the dreamy location! I loved shooting on the feature stairs; I felt my outfit went really well with the bangles and rings that were being shot.

ELEANOR: I loved shooting in the beautiful Airbnb location. It was the answer to all my interior decor dreams!  My favourite look was where I was seated on the stairs. I felt very regal sitting there in your beautiful jewellery.

FAY: I loved the lifestyle shots on the beach. They’re nice and natural and show how easy it is to style your jewellery.

What are your favourite pieces from our new Capsule Collection?

ROSIE: The Chunky Maxi Hoop Earrings are lovely! The Beaded Maxi Hoop Earrings are also one of my favourites!

ELEANOR: My favourite piece is the Gold Figaro Necklace!

FAY: My favourite piece was the Daisy Chain Ring. It’s unique and stands out at the same time as being perfect for wearing every day. I also loved the Beaded Maxi Hoop Earrings; again, they’re a little bit different and can be dressed up or down.

I highly recommend your jewellery to everyone as I’m so in love with your pieces. I love how dainty and pretty it is!

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