Okay, so to be fair, some of you do! But we wanted to know why some guys shy away from buying jewellery for women.

After talking to a fair few of you, here’s the top ten reasons from men for why they don’t (but should!) buy women jewellery…

1. “I have no idea what she likes.” Talk to her, look in her jewellery box…or talk to her best friend!

2. “She never asks for jewellery.” That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to receive jewellery! Need inspiration? See #1. 

3. “Jewellery is too expensive.” You can buy a good quality and meaningful sterling silver necklace from £26. You don’t need to get her the Hope Diamond.

4. “She complained about how much it cost.” But secretly loved it. She’s wearing it, isn’t she? Just accept it and move on.

5. “She can buy her own jewellery. Why should I?” Because she wants you to. And, because it symbolises your love for her. Women like to be surprised. They dream about receiving meaningful gifts from loved ones and telling their friends that it’s from you.

6. “I always get her something practical for the home.” I don’t care what she says, the last thing she wants for your anniversary is a vacuum cleaner. Trust me, I know. There’s nothing worse than giving the love of your life a vacuum cleaner or toaster to celebrate and commemorate your relationship. 

7. “She has loads of jewellery that she never wears. The last thing she needs is another pair of earrings or ring.” Firstly, 80% of it is probably outdated, broken or can’t be worn. Second, a woman can never have too much jewellery. Ever. See #5.

8. “It never occurred to me. I don’t get why it matters.” Well…now you know! See #5.

9. “I bought her a wedding ring. I’m done. Right?” Not even. See #5.

10. “I know nothing about jewellery let alone what her ring size is.” See #1. Look through her jewellery box and at the pieces she wears regularly for inspiration. Need help with sizing? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Ladies, if you're reading this...

Men are not psychic. Talk to your man. Show him this blog post. Some fellas need a more direct approach so let him know that you love him and that he can actually buy jewellery for you. Don’t wait or just hint at it…say what you really want.

If you still want a surprise, make it easy for him by creating a jewellery wish list and keep it current. And when he gets it right, tell him how thrilled you are. If he feels like a hero for getting it right, he’ll do it again. And again. 

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