Our Style Guide to Working from Home

Like many these days, we have been spending a lot of time working at home and adjusting to this brand-new lifestyle. While our wardrobes filled with blazers, silk blouses, and walkable heels aren’t really needed anymore, what we wear still plays a big role in our productivity. I mean, staying in pyjamas all day will just make you feel sleepy and isn’t the best look for that 3pm Zoom call with your boss.

When working from home, we’re all about comfort (we have zero tolerance for tight, low-rise jeans) and we only need worry about looking stylish from the waist up. But whether you still wear your usual work attire or prefer a comfy loungewear set, we’ve created this style guide to help inspire your work-from-home look with the help of some of our favourite women.

Dressing from the waist up

No one can see your bottom half on a Zoom call, so you only need to look stylish from the waist up. The Figaro Chain Necklace and Chunky Midi Hoop Earrings are our must-have jewellery staples for ‘top half’ dressing.

Fusing style and sentiment

If you prefer your usual work wardrobe, don’t forget the perfect jewellery to go with it – our Hamsa Hand Necklace is a feel-good, look-good necklace that stands for positivity and wellness.

Power dressing

When dressing to impress, you’ll need a jewellery stack to match. Choose the Beaded Maxi Hoops or layer the Heart Necklace and Satellite Beaded Necklace with a blazer and red lip for the perfect statement look.

Your creature comforts

Those stretchy high-rise jeans and your fave white tee will provide the comfort and style you need for your WFH look. Pair with the Halo Eternity Necklace and matching Halo Studs for the perfect jewellery combo to impress at your next Zoom meeting.

If you’re still in need a little mood boost to help your productivity, here’s a few self-care tips that we’ve found useful whilst working from home:

  • While it’s really tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day (we totally get it!), it helps to get dressed, even if that’s into a lovely loungewear set or simply putting on a coat of mascara.
  • No desk? That’s okay! Not all of us have a desk space at home. Try mixing it up between the sofa, the dining table, or the kitchen.
  • Try to get a daily dose of sunshine for those feel-good vibes! Position yourself by a window or door and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D whenever you can.
  • It’s important to take breaks and give yourself off-screen time. Go out for a short walk to get some fresh air or take 10 to grab yourself a cuppa in between calls.