Guest Post: Making It Work From Home

Staying positive while stuck indoors and working from home can be a challenge – and one we’re all still facing. We asked our Brand Ambassador, Sofia Condes, to share her tips on caring for yourself at home, both physically and mentally.

It’s safe to say that creating a routine during this strange time has been a challenge, to say the least. And, if you’re anything like me, having a routine is important to help you feel motivated and your overall mental health. Having been in lockdown for a while now, I think I might have just cracked it! So, here’s my tips for making it work when you’re working from home...

I find this important to help keep track of the days and to stop that dreaded feeling of all of them merging into one. Before, I’d use my planner to help keep track of lectures and social events; now that my plans have changed, I’m making an effort to write down activities and daily to-do lists. Instead of writing down lectures, I’m now writing down Zoom calls with my best gal pals and socially distanced walks with my boyfriend. It’s having this little bit of structure that I’m finding incredibly helpful (and rewarding!)


Finishing off my third year of uni online from the comfort of my bedroom was fun until I realised, I still had uni work to do. And, I’d be lying if I said working in my bedroom wasn’t making it a bit more difficult compared to the uni library. One thing that has helped massively is getting dressed into what I’d wear to uni, putting on a bit of makeup and even sometimes putting on a pair of shoes! This way, I feel far more motivated to get the work done so that I can get changed back into my comfies once the work is done.


Another thing that’s helped while working from home is making a conscious effort to wear my jewellery. I have a big collection of everyday jewellery, including pieces I’ve received as gifts, some that have been handed down from my mum, as well as my favourite Becky’s Boutique pieces. I’ve even been loving experimenting with layering necklaces and rings together to create different looks. Some of my favourites include:


Keep up those group chats with your best pals and seek new ways to connect with your loved ones. I’ve been loving group video chats as a way of staying in touch and helping me feel connected during this time. Something as simple as a half hour chat over Facetime really does the whole world of good.


Finally, know when it’s time to switch off the laptop, log out of Instagram and have some much deserved you time. Life in lockdown is tricky to navigate, so it’s important to be kind to yourself and remember that it’s equally as important to rest as it is to be productive. I’ve found that still keeping a distinctive weekend compared to the weekday gives me something to look forward to – and you can bet I’ve been making the most of doing absolutely nothing on the weekends too!

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